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Meet our Schools Liaison Officer at Trinity, Lizzie Bowes:

大家好,我是Lizzie,我是PG电子平台的学校联络官(简称SLO)! 我是剑桥大学的毕业生,在大学的整个时间里,我都在参与接触和推广. Being the first person in my family to go to university, access schemes (like the Sutton Trust Summer Schools, 许多学院的开放日和外联活动)向我表明,任何人都可以进入剑桥, 它是为那些对自己选择的学科充满热情并擅长的人准备的, regardless of their background.

我将永远感激那些出色的外展团队,是他们向我展示了这一点,让我得以进入剑桥大学, and I’m so lucky to be able to communicate the same thing to students, parents and teachers through our outreach work. 我是学生们查询牛津剑桥和高等教育的第一站, and am always on the other end of an email at [email protected]!

Day to day, my work consists of speaking to schools about university and Oxbridge, 以及监督更长期的推广计划,比如12年级指导计划. 如果没有PG电子平台学生大使这支优秀的团队,我的工作将无从谈起, 我尽可能多地把他们带到我的活动中,让他们与PG电子平台的名字相联系.

PG电子娱乐很高兴能够提供这么多的外展项目和住院治疗. 来自各种背景的学生都值得并在这所学校取得好成绩, PG电子娱乐很高兴能继续为学生们提供认识到这一点的机会.

For example, PG电子平台每年开设五到六所寄宿学校,总共招收300名学生. Around 50% of those students went on to apply to Cambridge, with around half of those receiving an offer.

Your outreach questions

如果你想了解更多关于PG电子平台外展的信息,或者它如何帮助你申请英国最挑剔的大学之一, have a look at some of the common questions below. Or contact us at [email protected]

What does the Outreach Team do?

The Outreach Team aims to inform and educate prospective students, parents and teachers about university, Oxbridge and higher education options. PG电子娱乐希望给每个人平等的机会来学习和体验大学生活, and we provide an offering of talks to schools, 学生和方便参观PG电子平台的一天和住宿.

How do I contact the Outreach Team?

You can email Lizzie, the Schools Liaison Officer, any time at [email protected] I aim to respond to everyone within two days, but please note that during busier periods it may take a while longer.

What age groups do the Outreach Team cater for?



Firstly, please don’t worry! Our programmes have limited spaces, 在大多数情况下,进入PG电子娱乐的课程要比进入大学读本科竞争激烈得多. There are plenty of other options for engagement with outreach, 牛津和剑桥合作外展网络就是一个很好的开始, which lists all events happening across both universities.

如果您想直接听取三一外展小组的意见,您也可以请老师预约与PG电子娱乐学校联络官员的谈话或访问, and have your questions answered by them.

Outreach News


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