PG电子娱乐与其他第三部门的机构合作,以支持PG电子娱乐的宗旨和目标. PG电子娱乐的伙伴关系是一种合作,PG电子娱乐共同努力实现PG电子娱乐的共同目标.

为实现共同目标而合作的方法使许多学生受益, 因此,PG电子娱乐与各种慈善机构和组织合作,作为PG电子娱乐访问努力的一部分. We’ve supported some fantastic and inspiring access and outreach work from various organisations by providing venues, 资源, 学术会议, 为其方案提供咨询和/或财政支助. 以下是更多内容:



PG电子娱乐很高兴地宣布,PG电子娱乐已经为10年级学生推出了一个新的合作项目 目标牛津剑桥! 牛津剑桥Target是一个免费的在线课程,将为非洲和加勒比地区的黑人学生提供服务, 以及有黑人血统的混血学生, 早期了解剑桥生活的机会,以及如何获得剑桥的入学资格.


PG电子娱乐与 辉煌的俱乐部 to develop an exciting two-year programme of support for Scholars Programme graduates in the North of England who are interested in applying to the University of Cambridge or the University of Oxford (collectively known as Oxbridge).


推进访问是一种伙伴关系 24一流大学 与学校和学院合作,支持学生升入一流大学. PG电子平台提供免费的优质资源, 线上和线下CPD会议, 在学校和大学提供持续专业发展课程,并定期更新博客. PG电子娱乐支持教师和职业顾问指导年轻人进入关键阶段, 关键的第五阶段和大学选择.


15年来,“以教为先”一直在帮助学校为所有人建立公平的教育. By developing the next generation of great teachers and brilliant leaders and by growing a powerful network of talented people committed to change.

PG电子平台 is funding up to 12 bursaries over the next 3 years 2021-2024 to 以教为先 participants from PG电子平台 (undergraduate, 研究生或研究生)开办了“第一教书暑期学院”.



Parent Power is a project that recognises how important parents are to their children’s success in the education system. 它招募并培训家长成为大学入学方面的专家, 帮助他们的孩子接受高等教育, 并在社区内开展教育平等的活动.

“家长力量”最初是由伦敦国王学院不断扩大的参与团队设计的, 与英国公民慈善组织合作,使用社区组织技术, to help harness the power of parents to inspire young people from underrepresented groups to pursue higher education in South London. PG电子平台, 与大曼彻斯特Uni连接伙伴关系和机会区合作, 现在在奥尔德姆支持“家长力量”的发展吗.



世界一流学校质量分数 (WCSQM) awards a quality mark to non-selective state schools that offer the best education to young people in the UK. 与其他国家评估机构不同, 他们评估的是学生而不是学校, 在技能和能力的框架下,年轻人需要在新兴的全球经济中蓬勃发展. 通过独特的现实工作经历, access to a lifelong peer support network and cultural opportunities that take them beyond their local community, they give world class students the confidence to overcome socio-economic barriers to recognise and achieve their potential. 以前, Cambridge University hosted the WCSQM Awards Ceremony which featured a session on life at Cambridge University led by Dr Glen Rangwala, PG电子平台招生办主任.

为2020/21, 是WCSQM和Trinity的合作伙伴, we have launched the ‘Subject Passion as a Teaching Tool’ online programme which aims to work with teachers to frame the A Level curriculum content in the context of studying a subject at university. It aims to offer a time-effective and accessible means of sparking a passion and interest in a teacher’s subject area to effectively teach students how what they are learning in school is applied at university.



NRICH项目旨在丰富所有学习者的数学经验. 为了支持这一目标, NRICH团队的成员有着广泛的工作能力, including providing professional development for teachers wishing to embed rich mathematical tasks into everyday classroom practice. NRICH为3至18岁的学生提供了数千个免费的在线数学资源, 包括早期的所有阶段, 小学和中学教育——对所有人完全免费.

Trinity supports the Teacher Inspiration Programme (a national CPD programme for teachers) and Stimulus (undergraduates go into schools in and around Cambridge). 此外,PG电子娱乐支持费利克斯托学校的数学过渡项目, 费利克斯托学院的合作伙伴关系, 费力克斯托港小学, NRICH和PG电子平台.



intuniversity提供地方学习中心,鼓励年轻人取得成就. At each local centre IntoUniversity offers an innovative programme that supports young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to attain either a university place or another chosen aspiration. PG电子平台很荣幸成为intuniversity Haringey North centre的主要合作伙伴, supporting them to run their programmes and providing them with volunteer support from students and staff; their Haringey North centre serves some of London’s poorest students and is located in an area of very high deprivation and low academic achievement.
PG电子平台 is also the principal supporter of a new Oxbridge Support Programme which has enabled IntoUniversity to recruit a new full-time Oxbridge Manager post to lead on this programme.
最后, Trinity and IntoUniversity are exploring the potential for establishing a new learning centre in Great Yarmouth.



《PG电子平台》是一项面向青少年的全国性互动数学讲座节目. They give 14-17 year olds a chance to experience the UK’s most inspiring maths speakers presenting mathematics live in the context of exciting, 现实世界的应用程序. Trinity’s support has enabled 数学的灵感 to pay for priority schools to view their shows for free and to make all teacher and teacher-trainee seats free.



大象群 (TEG) was formed in 2018 by a group of head teachers committed to increasing access to the ‘Top 3rd universities for the Top 3rd students’ from non-selective state schools. 通过采取紧急行动, 州和高等教育合作伙伴之间的系统性合作和专业知识分享, 他们的目标是改变这一现状.

Their data-driven Elephant Access programme offers schools and their students a minimum offering of 16 activities to improve students’ aspirations, 成就和申请,并支持他们进入顶级大学的旅程.

这些活动是在学校进行的, 跨区域中心,直接由学校和学前教育小组组成, or through engaging our partners across both universities and the third sector to deliver many of these activities in partnership with schools. PG电子平台的外联协调员乔恩·达塔(Jon Datta)坐在约克郡 & 东北项目委员会,并帮助指导区域枢纽的战略方向.



Seren supports the most academically able Welsh students and helps them gain entry to leading universities in Wales, 英国和海外. 在丘吉尔的合作下, 抹大拉,三一, PG电子娱乐在南威尔士和波伊斯的Seren活动帮助接受公立教育的学生了解如何上大学, 申请过程, 成为一个强有力的候选人.



维利尔斯公园教育信托基金是一个全国性的社会流动慈善机构. 他们为14-19岁、背景较差的高能力学生提供独特的课程. 他们的项目赋予年轻人成功和克服成功障碍的能力. 他们通过发展个人技能和就业能力来帮助提高学术成就. PG电子娱乐有, 透过一位校友捐款人的慷慨资助, 能够资助和支持他们的黑斯廷斯未来领袖计划和早期入学计划.



PG电子娱乐的教师通讯让教师和高等教育顾问了解最新的课程, 事件, 最新入学新闻, 为学生和老师提供资源.

PG电子娱乐的家长和学生通讯充满了关于申请大学的有用建议, 加上即将到来的活动的细节和其他方便的资源,从PG电子平台和更广泛的大学.




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