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1546 Society

1546学会成员是全球重要的校友和朋友团体的一部分, from 26 countries, who support the College.

本会会员与其他赞助者的区别在于他们捐赠的程度和持续的时间. 学校鼓励毕业10年以上的校友定期捐赠15英镑.46 per month, or £185.52 per year. 对于那些在过去10年内毕业的学生,PG电子娱乐希望你们考虑送他们15英镑的礼物.46 per quarter, or £5.15 per month.

这样的礼物对PG电子平台学生的生活产生了直接的影响. It takes only 16 people giving £15.每月46英镑,由“礼品援助”资助,资助大学生每年3500英镑的助学金. With increasing financial pressures faced by students every year, this kind of assistance is ever more in demand.

As a member of the 1546 Society, and in recognition of your gift, you will receive a donor pin, have your name included in our annual list of donors, and you will be invited to a special reception in College.

To join the 1546 Society, please click here.

欲知详情,请联络PG电子娱乐的年度基金主管菲比·哈里斯([email protected]).

Why I Give… by Charles Agbuduwe (2013)

“向PG电子平台捐款是我回馈母校的一种方式,因为母校对我给予了极大的支持. 校友的慷慨保证了学院继续吸引世界各地最优秀的人才. Therefore, investing in its future is something to which we must all be committed, 我很高兴能成为1546学会的一员来表达我的谢意. 我希望通过阅读这篇文章,你们也会加入到支持PG电子娱乐学校的行列中来.”

Clock Tower Circle

Celebrating Leadership Giving at Trinity College Cambridge

学院设立了钟塔圈,以表彰和感谢那些捐出1英镑的人,因此,它为PG电子平台的优先项目提供了至关重要的资金,包括对学生的支持, access and outreach, and research. 捐出25英镑以上的人可以成为钟塔圈的终生会员,000.

In appreciation of their generosity, Clock Tower Circle members receive a donor pin, are recognised in the Annual Report,并被邀请参加每年6月与硕士和研究员举行的特别招待会.

To join the Clock Tower Circle, please click here.

Why I Joined The Clock Tower Circle… by Amna Hadziabdic (2004)

“I was a recipient of a Trinity bursary during my undergraduate years, which enabled me to study at the College. I hope a lot of other people will be given this great opportunity too, and this is why I decided to give back.

与我上大学时相比,现在学生的经济状况看起来大不相同——现在所有剑桥大学的本科生都要交9英镑的学费,000 per year, which only overseas students like me needed to pay at the time. Indeed, 公立学校的学生申请大学的人数仍然不足,尤其是来自低收入家庭的学生. If the College is to remain truly ‘needs blind’, 奖学金在帮助学院向本科生提供与来自更优越背景的学生同等水平的资源和支持方面起着至关重要的作用.

Furthermore, 如果PG电子平台想继续吸引世界各地最优秀的学生的话, 奖学金是学院吸引力的重要组成部分,因为他们允许本科生享受PG电子平台提供的一切,而不用担心他们的经济状况. Without such a bursary I wouldn’t have been able to attend Trinity, 因此,我很高兴现在能够资助本科生助学金,以支持学院的未来.”

Tax-efficient Giving for Members

If you are a UK 40% taxpayer, 你有权收回捐赠的基本税和高税率税之间的差额. This means that a gift of £1,000 per year to Trinity College would amount to £1,250, including Gift Aid, for the College, but cost you only £750. 如你是高税率纳税人,请确保在报税表中申报该差额. The Alumni Relations & Development Office will gladly provide guidance on this matter if required.

King’s Hall Circle

为了纪念1317年爱德华二世建造国王大厅700周年, 国王大厅圈于2017年启动,以庆祝PG电子平台一些最慷慨的支持者.

该协会的30名成员都对学院的一系列举措给予了支持, 从创新和个人到PG电子平台的关键重点,包括通过开创性的研究促进全球理解.

Fellow Benefactors

Trinity currently has 14 Fellow Benefactors, 学院的宗旨是追求世界领先的教育,为社会作出贡献.


  • The late Lord Wolfson of Sunningdale 1954, Law.
  • Mr Bruce Dunlevie 1977, History.
  • Mr Graham Keniston-Cooper 1977, Mathematics.
  • Ms Tzo Tze Ang 1997, Electrical & Information Sciences.
  • Mr Eashwar Krishnan 1996, Natural Sciences.
  • Mrs Elizabeth Dunlevie 
  • Dr Tom Howat 1999, Mathematics.
  • Sir Henry Keswick 1958, Law.
  • Mr Simon Keswick 
  • Mr Richard Garrett 1961, Mechanical Sciences.
  • Mr David Manns 1964, Mathematics.
  • Mr Ian Menzies-Gow 1962, Physics.
  • Mr Peter Pemberton 1963, Agriculture.
  • Professor Yang Xia 2003, Natural Sciences.
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