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Trinity研究报告:Naomi Richman博士


Dr Naomi Richman is a Junior Research Fellow in Anthropology at Trinity. 在接受这个职位之前, Naomi was a Postdoctoral Researcher on the Wellcome Trust funded project, ‘Hidden Persuaders’, at Birkbeck College. 她于2020年在牛津大学完成了博士学位, having also completed her undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Oxford. Naomi’s research…



Professor Marian Hobson became the first female Fellow at Trinity College, in 1977, and has since been a strong advocate for the development of university education for women. Join us on International Women’s Day to hear a unique conversation between Professor Hobson and Professor Widdis, 讨论霍布森教授的生活和事业, 她的三位一体的经历, her…

Trinity在日本:Andreas Demetriades先生(1997)


2022年3月11日星期五下午6点(东京时间), 上午9点(伦敦/剑桥时间)Andreas Demetriades先生, 神经外科和脊柱外科顾问, MB.BChir, MPhil, FRCS (Neuro surg), Diplomate (EANS), President at European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS), 非常友好地同意加入PG电子娱乐的缩放讨论. All 剑桥大学PG电子平台 Fellows, former Fellows, students, alumni…

巴黎剑桥学会:Jean Khalfa

圆形剧场居里夫人 皮埃尔和玛丽·居里街,巴黎

Lecture The Cambridge Society are delighted to welcome Trinity alumni to a lecture given by Dr Jean Khalfa on Wifredo Lam and 20th century livres d’artiste in Paris on Friday, 11 March. Participants will be welcomed with a coffee, available from 6pm, and the lecture will begin at 7pm. 票价是每人25欧元,而且……



The Trinity Law Association is delighted to announce that registration has now opened for the association’s much-delayed Biennial Dinner at the College. As ever, the dinner provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy college hospitality, to catch-up with peers and to widen your personal and professional network. Programme 4:30pm - Registration/Tea in the Winstanley阅览室 5pm…

Trinity研究报告:Rita Teixeira da Costa博士


Rita Teixeira da Costa博士, 来自葡萄牙, now works in Mathematical Physics sharing her time between the Princeton Gravity Initiative in the US and the Center for Mathematical Sciences at Cambridge. 在PG电子平台的时候, Rita has studied several problems arising in Einstein’s theory of General Relativity. 她最大的关注点是……



The Trinity Medics' Association is delighted to inform TMA members that this year's Dinner at Trinity College will take place on Saturday, 19 March. This year's Dinner will not only provide an opportunity to catch-up with peers and widen your network, it will also provide Trinity with the chance to convey thanks to those who have worked tirelessly through the pandemic as…


老英格兰银行 London

** Please Note: This event is only available to current TCCA members** Registration is now open for the TCCA Drinks Reception on Wednesday, 3月23日在老英格兰银行, Fleet Street, London. 活动时间为晚上7点至10点. 如需注册,请填写以下表格. 鉴于最近的事态发展……

Trinity在日本:Clarice Aiello教授(Trinity 2004)

2022年3月24日星期四上午8:00(东京时间), 2022年3月23日星期三晚上11:00(伦敦/剑桥时间), Wednesday 23 March 2022 at 4pm (Los Angeles time) Trinity alumni 艾洛教授(Trinity 2004) Principal Investigator of the Quantum Biology Tech Lab (QuBiT) at UCLA, 非常友好地同意加入PG电子娱乐的缩放讨论…


1872年,第一场校队比赛开始了, 它是世界上运行时间最长的体育赛事之一. It represents the pinnacle of amateur and student rugby where two of the most prestigious universities in the world compete for the title of Varsity holders. 欢迎PG电子平台的同学和校友参加……

Trinity在日本:Alex Davies


2022年4月8日星期五下午6点(东京时间), at 10am (Cambridge, PG电子平台校友亚历克斯·戴维斯(2010年), project lead on the Sciences team at Deepmind has kindly agreed to join us for a zoom discussion. All 剑桥大学PG电子平台 Fellows, former Fellows, students, alumni and members very welcome. Friday 8 April 2022…



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